3rd Statebox Summit

Date: 16-21 September 2019

Location: Berlin, Germany

The event will consist of a research workshop and a hacking lab, followed by a meetup. The exact location of the meetup is yet to be determined.


We found a beautiful location in a forest near the city.

The research workshop is full, sorry! We invite all interested in learning more about Statebox to join our meetup on 21 September in Berlin.

Topics for the Research Workshop

The workshop is split into two related research tracks:

Notably, the wiring diagrams formalism covered in the previous track has a lens-like formalization. This makes the two research tracks connected, where the wiring diagrams track deals with theoretical modelling, and the optics one with its efficient implementation.

Moreover, a 24/7 hacking lab will run alongside the research tracks. Here people will be able to experiment with code, to tackle some of our outstanding issues or to just take a break from research.

Preliminary List of Attendees - Research Workshop


The meetup is open for anyone to attend and will be held in the city of Berlin.

TBA, see meetup.com/statebox for last year.


For questions, please write to summit@statebox.io